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    Vote for Sharon!

    By Leighton | July 24, 2009

    Well, it’s been a long time since I’v posted, and I am way overdue. I will post again on Sunday with a more general update of things, but until then, you can go to Sharon’s blog (which I made an RSS feed to over there -> ) because she is REALLY great about posting when we do anything. So if you are wondering what I’ve been up to, just go check out her blog.

    This post is to get all of you who are reading this to go here: Sharon on MommyModels to vote for Sharon! She is number 10 on the right, so just click and vote. If she wins, she will get a free photoshoot. That link also has some REALLY gorgeous pics of her for the photoshoot she had, so regardless of whether you want to vote, you should go check it out cause the pics are amazing! Here is a Preview:

    One of the Photos from her Photoshoot

    One of the Photos from her Photoshoot

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